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Andrius Petrovas is one of the leading Lithuanian and Central European League show jumpers. Competing in international level since 1990. Member of Lithuanian National Team since 1998.

Born in 1972, first started riding at age 10 in Belmontas Sport School. Andrius has only had a few trainers in his career. First was Kestutis Natkevicius in the Sport School until the year of 1991. After that Andrius was learning from Arturas Vilkelis, an older colleague with whom he trained together. Mostly he was trying to learn from his horses and watching other riders work.

Andrius was a member of Lithuanian Mounted Police from 1991-1993. He took part in the first Police Parade of Independent Lithuania with horses. Later Andrius took some time off from riding, even tried his hand in sewing saddle, but soon enough got back on a horse.

In 1997 Andrius got his first sponsors and a more serious sport begun. In 2004 he won the Lithuanian Championship. After that his goals got higher, so Andrius has earned the Lithuanian Champion title only once in his career so far.

Andrius has worked abroad shortly from 2004 to 2006 in dressage stables in Denmark and Germany. After that he returned to Lithuania permanently. In 2010 his family's dream came true and they bought their own stable. In 2013 started rebuilding it in a bigger complex - Andriaus Petrovo Jojimo Centras.

Andrius's biggest success so far was competing in the World Cup Final in Lyon 2014. It did not go as planned though, he and his horse had a fall in the 1st qualification which led to disqualification from the Finals. Andrius still managed to compensate that by winning a CSI3* class in Lyon with his main horse Aragorn, owned by Valeria Sokolova. 2014 Andrius was in his highest FEI Longines Ranking ever - 82nd place. In 2021 Andrius qualified for the World Cup Final once again, this time with Linkolns. Sadly, the Final this year got cancelled.

Andrius is the leading member of Lithuanian National Team since 2014. Since then the team has competed twice in 2014 in Austria and Slovenia, and once in Budapest in 2019. Andrius is currently making plans for the team for year 2021.

Andrius's biggest goal for the future is competing at the Olympic Games. He is also working with the Lithuanian Equestrian Federation to raise the overall level of Equestrian Sport in Lithuania. Lastly, Andrius is breeding his own horses, who are successfully competing in international level.

Alma Totoryte
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