2018 10 30

CSI2* Michalowice, Krakow, POL

2 great weeks at CSI2* Michalowice! My newest team member Linkolns jumping CSI2* Grand Prix Longines Ranking classes for the first time and placed 4th the first week and 6th on the second week! Little pony with the biggest heart Italo Van’t Dauwhof placed 3rd and 2nd in both weeks Gold Tour Finals! Gigollo 5th place on first weeks CSI2* Diamond Tour Longines Ranking 145cm class!

Photo credit: Elena Zobova


2018 10 14

CSI2*-W Siauliai 2018

3rd place with the amazing Quirados AS in CSI2*-W Siauliai Grand Prix Longines Ranking 2018!



2018 08 20

CSI2* Vazgaikiemis 2018

Gigollo the winner of CSI2* Vazgaikiemis Grand Prix Longines Ranking!



2018 07 29

CSI2*-W Riga 2018

Griffone placed 6th in CSI2*-W Riga Grand Prix 140-160cm Longines Ranking class! Also Remember Me was the winner of second days 6/7yo class!

Photo credit: Dace Teibe


2018 07 22

Lielceri Future Cup 2018

Griffone is the proud winner of Lielceri Future Cup 2018 140cm Grand Prix!

Photo Credit: Julia Macepuro


2018 04 15

Looking for horses

Looking for talented horses of all ages and levels for cooperation. We offer presentation of horses in shows and preparation for sale. Team together with a veterinarian and a blacksmith is taking good care of all horses. Top stable with paddocks, walker and solarium, inside and outside arenas. Contact me for more information.

photo credit: Asia Breklewicz


2018 06 25

CSI3*-W Olomouc, Czech Republic

Great last day here in Olomouc, Caracas the winner of Gold Tour Final 150cm class! Clarity the winner of Silver Tour Final 135cm class!


2018 06 17

CSI2*, CSIO5* Sopot

Caracas is the winner of CSI2* Sopot Grand Prix 145cm Longines Ranking class! He was also placed 3rd for two times this week!


2018 05 06

Horsemarket Equestrian Spring Tour 2018

Clarity is the winner of HEST2018 first weeks Grand Prix! Quirados AS 3rd!


2015 11 30

Successful show in CSI2*-W Budapest.

Three first place and one fifth.
Gigollo 1st place in 125cm class
Quel Prix 1st place in 135cm class and 5th place in 140cm class
Zuko S 1st place in 135cm class


2015 10 11

Andrius with horse Winstone were second in CSI2*-W Grand Prix Siauliai


2015 07 06

Two victories to my horses in CSI3*-W / CSIYH1* St.Petersburg

Latvian rider Kristaps Neretnieks with Zuko S won opening Longiness Ranking class of Big Round (145cm, two phases), but with horse Gigollo won YH class in CSI3*-W / CSIYH1* St.Petersburg. Kristaps with Gigollo were five seconds faster than the second best duo.


Gigollo in his lap of honour after winning YH class. Photo: Alesya Safe

2015 06 16

Zuko S with Latvian rider Kristaps Neretnieks done a good job in CSI4* Poznan

Beautiful round in LR class, 150cm at CSI4 Poznań . You can find them at 1:22:55 in this video:

2015 06 05

Check our youngsters. Breed: Lithuanian Riding Horse

Lashas 4 years old. (Shandor 34- La petit)

Rasputin 4 years old. (Rassvet – Palet P)

2014 12 5


Andrius with Artista in Cavaliada tour Poznan, CSI3*-W jumped 215cm.  Previous belonged to  Zigmantas  Šarka with horse  Sir Salut, 210cm

2014 11 17


Very successful show for Andrius. On first day Andrius with horse Domien were 2nd in big tour, Longines ranking points. But second day with Complemento, Andrius won other Longines class with jump off. Were 12 riders in jump off, Andrius started with last number and finished like a winner.

2014 10 28

CSI3*-W Leszno

Valdemaras Zukauskas with Domien 5th place, Diamond Tour – FEI World CupTM LR.

2014 10 27

CSI5*-W Helsink

Andrius with Horse Winston won first class at Helsinki horse show, 140cm. One more fast and clear round at the same day with horse Complemento in 145cm class, 6th place (LR).

Second day was other Lithuanian rider day, Kristupas Petraitis won 140cm class with horse Lordano, but for Andrius and Winston 3rd place. In team competition, team EAST II were 3rd (Sokolova, Petrovas, Petraitis), 145cm.

Last day Andrius with Complemento finished 145cm LR class in second best time, but one down, so 11th place.

2014 09 21

Andrius Petrovas with Davino Q finished FEI World breeding Championships for YH in

2014 09 05

Valdemaras Zukauskas and horse Domien finished WEG in

2014 08 21


Costo Rico 3rd place, Gold tour – derby;
Gigollo 2nd place YH;


2014 07 29

Andrius with horse Complemento won 3rd place, CSI2*-W Riga Grand Prix 160cm


2014 07 15

Doing well


Sunday our team member, Valeria Sokolova with horse Sir Stenwel, jumped clear Grand Prix, CSI3* Venta, also clear round in jump off and 4th place.


Our team member, Valdemaras Zukauskas with horse Domien, got qualification for World Equestrian games 2014. In august Valdemaras will go to Netherlands, to compete in 3* shows, and get ready for WEG.

Andrius Petrovas is the best rider in Central European League – Northern Subleague and 82nd place in Longines Rankings N° 162


2014 06 01

“Sportuok su mumis” Andrius about horses:

2013 12 09

CSI3* W Poznan

CSI3* – W Poznan was really successful show, horses done a  great job.  Complemento (horse owner Valeria Sokolova) jumped excellent all three days, done 2 clear rounds in big and medium tour, and in FEI World Cup class 160 cm 8th place (4 penalty point. In class was only 3 clear rounds, and 2 riders with 1 penalty point for exceeding time allowed). Zuko S also done great job,done 2 clear rounds in big and medium tour, but both times got 1 penalty point for exceeding time allowed. In Medium round final 8 penalty point. Cornetta jumped 2 clear rounds in medium tour, but in Speed and Music one down. Here in Poznan everything was great, nice show,lot of good riders, all the Beerbaum stable (except Ludger Beerbaum himself) and many other.

Complemento 3rd place (Mediu tour, 140cm), 8th place (FEI World Cup class 160 cm);

Cornetta 4th place (Medium tour, 140cm) 9th place (Speed and Music, 145cm, LR).


2013 12 08

We are sorry, that so long time didn’t wrote hear any news, all info You can find in Andrius Facebook account.

2013 09 18

CSI2*-CSIYH1*, De Warre Neeroeteren BEL

For Rico Dono was first competitions in this year. Rico is BACK, he done a great job, two first places in 130 cm. 

Rico Dono brother Rolex also done great job, 1st place (130cm, 6 years old horses)

And as always Amaretas get some ribbon, this time 3rd place (135cm) and 6th place (135cm 7 years old horses).


2013 08 14

CSI2* Verden

CSI3* Ommen

CSI3*W –  CSIYH Riga video


2013 08 13

CSI3* & CSIYH Ommen

Aragorn 1st place (145cm), 4th place (150cm with jump off, LR), 14th place (Grand Prix 155cm, LR);

Amaretas 6th place (135cm); 7th place (135cm)

Conte Couleur 11th place (1.30m, with jump-off), 14th place (130cm).



CSI 2* & CSIYH Verden

Aragorn 1st place (145cm with jump off 150cm LR);

Amaretas 10th place (YH final 140cm);

Conte Couleur 2nd place (145cm), 5th place (140cm)

Gallery: Two great weeks in Europe, Netherland – Ommen, Germany – Verden. Backstage(!)



2013 07 08

CSI 3*, CSI-YH 1* Govenor’s Cup, Saint Petersburg, RUS

Amaretas 3rd place (130cm, accumulator competition with Joker), 2nd place (135cm), 5th place (145cm, with jump off);

Sabdro Star 5 7th place (130cm, accumulator competition with Joker), 11th place (145cmm with jump off);

Aragorn 4th place (150cm, competition against the clock), 7th place (140-160cm, Grand Prix FEI World Cup).

2013 05 18

CSI 3* Vivat Russia, Moscow, Russia


Amaretas 1st place (125 cm with jump off);

Aragorn 8th place (Grand Prix 160cm)




CSI2* Kanakova, Russia

Sandro Star 5 2nd place (Grand Prix 145cm);

CSIO4* / CSI YH1* Moscow, Russia

Amaretas 1st place (130 cm, final young horses),  6th place (125cm);




2013 05 21

CSI2*-W; CSIYH1* Vazgaikiemis, Lithuania

Amaretas 1st place (130cm, with jump-off) , 2nd place (125cm) , 3rd place (125cm) 6/7 years old horses));

Canto 6th place (125cm) 6/7 years old horses);

Zukos S 8th place (Grand Prix 160cm); 5th place (140cm);

Costo Rico 6th place (140cm);

Clear the Way 4th place (135cm).


2013 05 02

Zuko S, 145cm, Magna Racino spring tour 2013

2013 05 01

Magna Racino spring tour 2013

Amaretas  3rd place (130cm), 6th place (130cm), 5th place (130cm), 4th place (130cm, seven year old horses). After two weeks Amaretas is the best 7 years old horse at  Magna Racino spring tour 2013 .

Poker Face M 7th place (130cm, seven year old horses);

Zuko S 4th place (140cm);

Costo Rico 7th place (150cm);

Sandro Satar 5 3rd place (130cm), 9th place (130cm).

2013 03 31

Lithuanian Winter Championship Round VII

Sandro Star 5 1st place (135cm, with jump off)


2013 03 24

Lithuanian Winter Championship Round VI

Sandro Star 1st place (135cm, with jump off);

Clear the Way 2nd place (135cm, with jump off);

Rolex 4th place (120cm)

2013 03 11

CSI3* – W CEL WC Final

Zuko S 3rd place (145 cm, with jump-off), 3rd place (140 cm, against the clock), 7th place (140 cm, two phases)

Costo Rico 6th place (145 cm, best time)



2012 02 24


Lithuanian National Competition


Chester 4th place (115-125cm), 4th place (110-115cm);

Sandro Star 2nd place (135cm, with jump off 140cm),  1st place (115-125cm);

Clear the way 1st place  (135cm, with jump off 140cm).


2013 02 08

Andrius is the fifth on FEI World Cup standings in Central European League – Northern Subleague!

2013 01 01 about Andrius Petrovas

(More info

“Самый активный участник. Никто из участников соревнований KAP Jumping не смог появиться на конкурном поле чаще, чем неутомимый спортсмен из Литвы Андриус Петровас (Литва) – его имя прозвучало над трибунами 86 раз”

2012 12 21

Andrius Petrovas team wishes a Merry Christmas to everybody!

2012 12 12

Costo Rico / 2004 / Classido – Lord / Cavaliada CSI3*W Poznan, Grand Prix

2012 11 26

CSI** Parada Jeździecka, Lodz, Poland

Clear the way 4th place (130cm); 5th place (130cm);

Contendro II 3th place (140cm).


2012 11 15

CSI3* / CSIYH1* Leszno, Poland

Clear the way 5th  place (135 cm)

2012 10 29

Lithuanian National Competition in Belmontas Riding Center

Lavally  2nd place  (6/7 years old horses 120/125cm);

Costa Rico 2nd place  (135cm).

2012 10 27

New team members, Lavally 2006 (Lavall – Acord II) & Conte Couleur 2005 (Contendro II – Coriano)

2012 09 19

Latvian National Championship 2012

Contendro II 1st place (135cm);

Costa Rico 2nd place (145cm).

2001 09 11

CSI4* / CSI-AmB Chernyakhovsk

Zuko S  5th place (Int. jumping competition against the clock (145 cm))

Clear the way 3th place (Int. jumping competition in two phases (145 cm))


2012 08 27

CSIO5*, CSIYH1* Moscow, Bitsa (RUS)

Bailey’s K 1st place (6/7 years old horses 120/125cm), 7th place (120/125cmcm);

Rico Dono 1st place (140cm); 10th place (150cm);

Zuko S 5th place (155cm with jump off);

Lithuanian team (Andrius Petrovas with P&L Van Helsing, Nerijus Sipaila with Lady Sieglinn, Benas Gutkauskas with Lascar 41, Daniels Gutkauskas with Chromas) 4th place NATIONS CUP OF RUSSIA (160cm, competition over two rounds)

2012 08 20

CSI2* Vazgaikiemis, Lithuania

Contendro II 1st place (145cm), 1st (140cm), 1st place( 135cm), 2nd place (130cm);

Clear the way 1st place (Accumulator Competition with Joker 140-160cm), 5th place (135cm), 7th place ( 130cm);

Costa Rico 4th place (Grand Prix 140-160cm)


2012 08 13

CSIO3*/CSIYH1*Vazgaikiemis, Lithuania

Roco Dono 1st place( 125-130cm), 1st place (135-140), 1st place (145cm), 3th place (135cm);

P&L Van Helsing 6th place (Grand Prix 140-160cm);

Bailey’s K 4th place (6/7 years old horses  120/125cm);

Alupico 6th place (6/7 years old horses 120/125cm),  8th place (125/130cm);

Lithuanian team (Andrius Petrovas with P&L Van Helsing, Nerijus Šipaila with Lady Sieglinn, Kostas Gaigalas with Casmir Hom, Benas Gutkauskas with Carolien VH Scheefkastell) 6th place in FEI NATIONS CUP OF Lithuania (140-160cm, competition over two rounds).


2012 07 30


Bailey’s K 2nd place (6/7 years old horses 120/125cm),1st place ( 125/130cm), 7th place (small round 130cm).

Zuko S 5th place (140cm)

Lithuanian team (Andrius Petrovas with P&L Van Helsing, Nerijus Šipaila with Lady Sieglinn, Kostas Gaigalas with Casmir Hom, Benas Gutkauskas with L.B. Carnaval L.B. La Silla) 4th place in FEI NATIONS CUP OF ESTONIA (140-160cm, competition over two rounds).

2012 07 22

Baltic Open, Latvia

Andrius Petrovas won five 1st place, three with Contendro II, one of them in Grand Prix (135cm) , one 1st place with Levadija

(125cm)  and one 1st place with Padarko in Basketball competition.

2012 07 15

CSI2*-W,CSIYH1* Zagare, Lithuania

Alupico 1st place (125cm) 3th place (130cm);

Bailay’s K 6th place (120cm);

Zuko S 2nd place (130cm), 7th place (140cm),  6th place (145cm) , 7th place (140cm);

Costa Rico 6th place( 130cm), 3th place (135cm)  8th place (140cm), 10th place (Grand Prix 150cm);

P&L Van Helsing 6th place (Grand Prix 150cm).

2012 07 10

CSI3* – W, CSIYH1* Saint-Petersburg

Bailey’s K, 1st place(6/7 years old horses, 120/125cm); 1st place (125/130cm), 7th place 120/125cm);

Rico Dono 2nd place (150cm);

Clear the way 6th place (130cm);

P&L Van Helsing 8th place (Grand Prix, 140-160cm).

2012 07 02

CSIO3*-W/CSIYH1* – Riga, Latvia

Oktawian 2nd place (7 years old horses, 125cm), 5th place (130cm), 10th place (130cm);

Alupico 9th place (7 years old horses, 130cm);

Costa Rico 6th place (145cm);

Zuko S 12th place (150cm).


2012 06 19

CSI2*-W Otrada (RUS)

P&L Van Helsing 3rd place (Grand Prix,160cm);

Clear the way 3rd place (140cm), 11th place (130cm);

Rico Dono 12th place (135cm).

2012 06 10

CSI3* Moscow Bitsa (RUS)

P&L Van Helsing 1st place (Puissance compettition, 202cm);

Rico Dono 1st place (140cm).


2012 06 06

Ruila Spring Tour CSI 1*

Costa Rico 1st place (Grand Prix 145cm); 6th place (135cm )

Bailey’s K 5th and 7th place (6 years old horses, 125cm)

Padarko 7th place (130cm)


2012 05 28

CSIO 2* W – NC Ratomka, Minsk, Belarus

Lector 1st place (135cm); 3rd place (130cm);  5th place (145cm)

Clear the way  3rd place (150cm accumulation competition against the clock with Jocker)

P&L Van Helsing  3rd place (FEI NC 160cm)

2012 05 21

Prime minister cup in Marijampoles riding center

Zuko S 1st place  (115cm); 5th place (130-140cm);

Rico Dono 5th place  (125cm); 3rd place (135cm); 3th place (130-140cm);

Contendro II 1st place   (120cm);  2nd place (130cm);

Costa Rico 6th place (135cm); 4th place (145cm);

Baylys K 7th place (130-140cm).

2012 05 16

 Andrius starts representing TORPOL products

In Europe Torpol supports such riders as Denis Lynch (Ireland), Heike Kemmer (Germany), Andrezj Lemanski (Poland)
Now Torpol is starting partnership with Baltic States riders – young rider from Latvia Kristine Egle and  Andrius as well.
Torpol offers high quality horse rugs, saddle pads, stable boots and other advertising accessories for horses and riders. They have created the unique Magnetic Field Therapy for horses!
More information:

2012 05 13

Lithuanian Cup

2nd place with Oktawian (youngster tour 6/7 years, 130-135cm)

5th place with Costa Rico (with jump off 145cm)

2012 05 02

Linzer Pferdefestival CSI2* in Austria

3rd place with Oktawian (youngster tour 6/7 years, 125-130cm);

5th place with Rico Dono (silver tour, 135cm);

8th place with Clear the way (silver tour, 135cm);

5th place with P&L Van Helsing (gold tour, 145cm)

10th place with P&L Van Helsing (gold tour, 140cm).

2012 04 01

Lithuanian National Competition in  Miražas Riding Center

1st place with Rolex (young horses, 5 years, 110cm);

1st place with Biscuit G (young horses,6-7 years, 125cm), owned by Latvian rider Eliza Gaisa.

3rd place with Clear the way (with jump off 135cm).


2012 03 24

Warsaw CSI3* World Cup Final of the Central European League


Andrius and P&L Van Helsing won 8th place in the 1st Big Round Competition (145 cm).

On the 2nd day Andrius and Contendro II won the 3rd place in Middle Round Competition (140 cm), and the 1st place in Six Bar Competition!

Andrius won another 1st place in Small Round Competition (135cm) together with bay gelding Rico Dono (bred in Lithuania), owned by Mrs. R. Tovilavičienė.


2012 03 03

Lithuanian National Competition in Belmontas Riding Center

Andrius with Contendro II were 3rd in class 135 cm at national competition in Belmontas riding center.